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Galande Nagar, Old Mundhwa Road, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune - 411 014. Contact No. 7775088712 / 9960912110
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Jai Jawan Education Society is committed to its vision “Education for All”. The attainment of proper knowledge makes one enlightened so that one can lead others, including self in the path of truth to become better human beings.

Our mission is an overall development of children thus making each a good citizen of India. We regard education as an integral part in the formation of the personality of a human being for the fulfillment of their individual and social responsibilities. We also aim at creating an impartial human society where dignity of the person is upheld, where unjust social structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of Ahimsa, Religious harmony and national integration is cherished and also where the marginalized uplifted.


School Song

Keep us, in the care, of your prayer ma.
Lead us, so that we all shall be good
Guide us, Guide us all the way,
Keep us, Safe in this Stormy Land ma.

Your are the Ocean, of kindness and love ma.
Help us to walk, in merciful way
We are seeing your brighten face
Encouraging us always ma.

Give us your helping hands, and smile ma.
That we strive, in a helpful way
Through our deeds, through they humble are
Making this world, a paradise ma....

Bless us, to be just, and honest ma.
Let our wisdom, be the beauty of truth
Like a shinging star, in the dark midnight
Light up the school, always ma...(Keep us....,)