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A Scholarship is a grant given by government for a student to continue education. The aspirants who are blessed with excellent knowledge and get top rank but cannot afford to go for studies, since they are below poverty level; scholarship helps these students to pursue their aspirations. This exam is held for students of Std. IV and Std. VII. Our teachers prepare all the students appearing for the exam.

Sr  Name of Sponsers  Title of Trophy Name of the Student
1 Mr. John Joseph & Mrs. Launy John NURSERY Topper Kum. Thorat Anushka Nitin
2 Mr. Shreedharan Ramakrishnan  LKG Topper Kum. Shukla Pragati Ganesh
3 Mr. Hiraman Kakade  UKG Topper Kum. Soliwal Teena Tejrajji
4 Mrs. Sindhutai Gangadhar Ghule Trophy  by Mr. Kishor Dharmaji Jadhav STD I Topper Kum. Bhise Sanika Santosh
5 Mr. Madhusudan Nade & Family  STD II Topper Kum. Khan Fiza Amjat
6 Late Karbhari Punjaji Thete Trophy - by Mr. Gorakshnath Thete STD III Topper Mast. Dhoriyani Raj Bharatbhai
7 Mr. Panjikkaran John  STD IV Topper Mast. Dhoriyani Harsh Bharatbhai
8 Alpha and Omega Trophy for by Mr. Joles Joseph STD V Topper  Kum. Singh Sakshi Satyendra
9 Mr. Hemant Bora   STD VI Topper Kum. Jadhav Prachi Vinayak
10 Chetana Publishers  STD VII Topper Mast. Naduvinmani Sandeep
11 Mr. Sashidharan  & Mrs. Prasanna Nambiar  STD VIII Topper Kum. More Vaishnavi Ramprasad
12 Rohit Tours & Travels Trophy by Mr. Thomas K. Mathew STD IX Topper Kum. Choudhari Indra Bhavarlal